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Women’s Recap: It’s a long road ahead, Boston falls 3-2

Game one is in the books. Not a pleasant result but plenty of positives.

Hockey: PWHL-Minnesota at Boston Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

It was the first game for both teams and it was not a great start for the home team. Though in the entirety of the PWHL history no home team has ever won a game, in fact Boston was just the second home team to even record a goal.

First Period

Despite the run of play tilting towards Nicole Hensley Boston was unable to net anything early. Their passing seemed a little off and two turnovers lead to two Minnesota goals on two shots to start the game. This was a damning hole that Boston was never quite able to dig them selves out of.

Second Period

The second period saw Boston start to find their groove a bit and just inside of the 8th minute UVM product Theresa Schafzahl gave Boston life as she was able to find a way to get past Hensley and make Boston history.

Less then a minute later Minnesota would respond and regain their two goal lead.

Third Period

The third period saw Boston find themselves. They had plenty of opportunities but we never able to get an equalizer. 30 seconds into the frame it appeared Alina Mueller had gotten Boston to within one but upon review the goal as disallowed despite the call on the ice being a good goal, evidence implied that it did not cross but there was also no proof the other way.

In the 7th minute of the third Boston had two posts in a row to deny that second goal. Keller’s first shot was clearly a post but live Sophie Jaques seems like it tucked in, neither post made a ringing sound which made it more difficult to tell.

With three minutes remaining Boston drew their fourth penalty of the game as Lee Stecklein committed her third transgression. They would waste little time as they finally capitalized 20 seconds in to give them selves a chance to equalize with 2:40 to go.

The last minute of play was an absolute flurry for Boston including a rocket at the buzzer from Hillary Knight but nothing found twine and Boston fell 3-2.

Game Notes

  • Boston was sloppy early but found their footing late to put themselves in good position going forward.
  • We have yet to see a shorthanded goal cancel a power play yet, question its who will be the first, could it be Boston?
  • There seemed to be no puck luck for Boston as three different times early in the 3rd they had a close call on a second goal which would’ve changed the flow of the rest of the game.
  • Monday will bring fellow opener loser Ottawa to Lowell in a big game to test what Boston is really made of.