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2024 WJC FINALS PREVIEW: The Medal Round is set!

Welcome to the end game.

Matt Zambonin/IIHF Images

Let’s do this.

Relegation Recap: Germany Survives as Norway can’t complete comeback.

Germany and Norway played a predictably hilarious and super fun game that ultimately ended with that little bit extra as Moritz Elias potted the game winner. It’s a real shame, because Norway came out swinging like madmen; at no point did they lose the shot battle, they just...didn’t have it where it counted this year. Principally in net, because the Germans kept forcing the Norwegians to have to come back and never exactly trailed.

Oh well. We’ll see you next year, Germany. Good job.

Bronze Medal Game: Czechia vs. Finland

Both of these teams should be proud to be here.

They both played some excellent hockey through the knockout round, but their opponents in the Semis just had that little extra bit of juice. Namely in the third period. Both sides are probably feeling a little stung from the experience, and will likely come into this one ready to take out their frustrations on each other. Especially Finland. ESPECIALLY Finland. Oh my god, that had to be heartbreaking. We were so close to one of the most intense finals of the last decade just from that one rivalry, and they have to settle for Bronze against Czechia.

Czechia meanwhile, has to make this difficult as possible after getting processed by Sweden through the final 40 minutes.

Should be a fun game!

Gold Medal Game: Sweden vs. USA

Alright Sweden. USA. You ready for this?

I mean that in both an excited and also exasperated sort of way.

USA had to do their “thing” where hero hockey got them out of a possible Bronze Medal day against the Finns. They start slow, but could get their act together if they really want to. Meanwhile, Sweden hasn’t been here in awhile, and had a little bit of trouble against both the Swiss of all teams, and then entered the 2nd period during the Semis tied with the Czechs. Neither side have been great at fully controlling their destiny at first, but if they can figure it out, USA gets to get one very over on just about everybody with some of the highest caliber offense they’ve ever brought to this tourney.

And if Sweden wins?

Party doesn’t stop ‘till Worlds.

This is the game to watch, if you’re looking for one.

Let’s do this.