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PWHL Boston makes blockbuster move with Minnesota

Boston management makes history...and appears to be admitting they might’ve made a mistake with their second round pick.

Hockey: PWHL-Minnesota at Boston Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

Editorial Note: This Article has been edited to include context. The writer’s original work has remained unchanged.

After a mere seven games played, Boston has given up on their second round pick.

The Boston PWHL team made history yesterday by making the first trade in PWHL history; trading rookie defender Sophie Jacques to Minnesota, and received Finnish forward Susanna Tapani and BU Alumni Abby Cook in return.

Who is Sophie Jaques?

Sophie Jaques is a defender, and a young one at that; being only 23 in a league that averages being around 25-26 across the board. She was picked 2nd in Boston’s inaugural PWHL selection, and boasts a Patty Kazmeier award, and a point-per-game appearance at the college level through her last two years in school.

Critically, she is also a RHD; something so rare on the team that she was...the only one who actually shot right-handed.

Why did they do this?

In short? Boston probably didn’t like the slow development, and needs offense. Badly.

Of the six teams, Boston sticks out as a statistical anomaly; they have the same number of points as New York and Toronto, and a 4-2-1 record; good for that tie of 3rd place. They also have thee single worst goals-for of any team in the league at 17 total. It’s abundantly clear that if Alina Muller isn’t dishing the puck out to a select group of players, they can’t get a thing going in the opponent’s zone.

Theoretically, this kills two birds with one stone. Still...

To trade some one you ranked 28th among all available players this quickly, says you messed up. Jaques has a -4 +/- and no points starting the season with five straight -1 games. Many were criticizing her skating and her defensive play coming into the draft, but when you draft someone with your second pick you typically give them more time to develop before shipping them off, but management must really not like the trajectory the defending Patty Kazmaier award winner was showing this season.

In return, Boston will get two players from Minnesota. The key return is Finish phenom Susanna Tapani, but Boston will also get Boston University’s Abby Cook to replace Jaques on the blue line.

Tapani was someone many people were excited to see come to North America to regularly play against the best from the US and Canada. She is currently tied for 18th in scoring in the league with two goals and three assists to her name. Cook meanwhile, a standout in her time on Comm. Ave. has scored a goal and is +3 so far this season. She should be a reliable option for Coach Kessel as Boston continues to search for their identity.

This trade brings in a great scoring talent and a reliable defender but the idea that your second round pick is this disappointing is an indictment on the personnel picking of the team’s leadership.

Time will tell if Boston sold high on a sinking ship, if Boston was just not the right environment for Jaques or if Boston was just too desperate to make a move, any move, to try and make things work.