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Morning Skate: Stumbles


Calgary Flames v Boston Bruins Photo by Rich Gagnon/Getty Images

It is Wednesday, my dudes.

Over the course of the All-Star Break, plenty of you fine folks in the comments were saying things to the effect of “I can’t wait for the Bruins to be back!”

After a display like last night’s, we probably all could have waited a little bit longer.

The B’s played a sloppy, largely disinterested game and were pretty soundly beaten by the Calgary Flames, 4-1.

There were plenty of pull-your-hair-out moments in last night’s game, ranging from the frustrating (little response to your captain getting butt-ended in the face) to the absurd (taking a too many men penalty to negate a power play just after your scored a goal).

Perhaps most discouraging was the fact that the Bruins, trailing by multiple goals, only managed seven shots on goal in the entire third period, which...probably isn’t going to cut it.

Chalk it up to rust, being out of sync, being “one of those nights,” etc. It’s probably not worth getting too worked up about.

Next up for the B’s is a visit from the Vancouver Canucks, who are a measly 10-0-2 in their last 12 games.

What’s on tap for today?