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Matthew Poitras out 5 months after Shoulder Surgery

The young boy Center will be out for just about all of the season.

NHL: JAN 25 Bruins at Senators Photo by Richard A. Whittaker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Well, the Center issue has now gone from “Something to work on” to “Actively and deeply Pronounced as a problem.”

The Bruins’ medical staff announced today that center Matthew Poitras underwent successful Right Shoulder Open Stabilization surgery at Mass General-Brigham, with a 5 Month recovery time set.

An Open Stabilization Surgery is a procedure where a surgeon cuts into the patient’s shoulder joint, and then reattaches the labrum (a rim of cartilage keeping your bones from grinding together) via stitching or by use of screws. You can do this with a scope, but it has a higher success rate in the open version, particularly if the patient is in a high-impact contact sport, such as Ice Hockey. It’s long recovery comes from the numbness and stiffness that tends to result from the procedure added on to the rehab process. Given how he got roughed up in more than one game, it’s not surprising that he and the B’s would be trying to do the most successful possible option.

While there’s a very slim chance the Bruins stay in the playoffs long enough that he could end up making a return at the most optimistic scenario, the reality is that as of right now...Poitras’ season is basically over. A terrible way for his year to go after such a bright start.

We wish Poitras the best in his rehab, and hope he recovers at 100%!