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Intrepid Managing Editor of Stanley Cup of Chowder. Started from the comments now I'm here. Former proprieter of Hockey Blog Adventure. Lover of Boston teams and also Minnesota teams, as well as a good spreadsheet.

NHL, Bruins’ playoffs schedule for first round released

The layouts include the schedule for both possible opponents for Boston, depending on tonight’s results.

Playoff Possibilities for Bruins and Lightning

What this weekend’s games mean for the Bruins and Lightning

Oddsmakers didn’t believe in the Bruins

Preseason predictions were unkind to the Bruins

Why Charlie McAvoy will be an All-Star fill-in

Hedman is out, and the Bruins head man is in, or should be.

When will the Bruins and Panthers makeup game be?

Oddsmakers doubt Bruins chance at Stanley Cup

Don’t they know we’ve got Charlie McAvoy???

Bruins release “Thank You Fans” video

Thanks for showing up!

Who will the Bruins play in the 2017 playoffs?


How long does Brad Marchand sit for?

After spearing Jake Dotchin in a sensitive area, Brad is in trouble...

How the Boston Bruins can make the playoffs, with tiebreakers

It’s easier than you think!