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Full-time hockey-lover & part-time contributor at Stanley Cup of Chowder. Formerly of HubHockey. Novice at Photoshop. Horrid with PDO. Debatable with puns. My greatest achievements are relating the impending Boychuk trade to the Big Lebowski, and pissing off the entire city of Columbus.

Contrarian Corner: It's Time for Claude to Go

Time for life without Julien... permanently?

Rank the 2015-16 Bruins: Postseason Edition

The year is done. The Bruins are cooked. Rank them on the internet for one final time.

The Bruins are Officially Eliminated from the Playoffs

Boston's hope of an appearance in 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs is officially over.

Vigneault: Rangers to strip squad against Detroit

Alain Vigneault throwing shade at the son he wishes he had (Brad Marchand) by icing a skeleton crew for tomorrow's match against the Detroit Red Wings.

Recap: Bruins Escape Scottrade with Close Win, 6-5/F

Boston watches a three-goal lead disappear in the 3rd Period, but score one of their own in the final frame to keep this one just out of reach of total collapse.

Rank 'em! Bruins survive St. Louis, Win 6-5

You all saw six goals coming, didn't ya?

Public Skate: 3rd Period - Bruins 5 Blues 2

No April Fools. The Bruins have scored 5 goals so far in this game. And it ain't over.

Public Skate: 2nd Period - Bruins 2 Blues 1

The Bruins lose Kevan Miller, but gain two goals as they lead St. Louis after 20 minutes.

Public Skate: 1st Period - Bruins at Blues

The Bruins will try to put the puck in the opponents net, probably multiple times. The Blues are good at stopping opposing teams from doing so. Something's gotta give!

Projected Lines! Bruins vs. Blues - 4/1/16

Injuries on both sides leave some questions among skaters for tonight's contest.