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Nathan has been following Northeastern Women's Hockey for the last decade or so. You can frequently find him in the front row of a balcony somewhere watching a game.

Women’s Recap: Holy Frankel! Boston shuts out Minnesota 2-0

In a homecoming for many players Boston stepped up.

Women’s Public Skate: Boston @ Minnesota

Are we at the beginning of a winning streak or will it be back to the struggles.

Women’s Preview: Domestic flight

First time playing an American team on the road. So far Boston has been good on the road, will that continue today?

Women’s Recap: Boston salvages last game at home, beats Ottawa 3-1

Something had to give and this time it was Ottawa.

Women’s Public Skate: Boston v Ottawa

Things haven’t been looking good but always time to turn it around.

Women’s Preview: Last chances

Tonight is the last chance to give the home crowd something to cheer about for 2.5 weeks.

Women’s Recap: Streaking Boston falls 4-2 to Ottawa for fourth straight loss.

Its going from bad rot worse on Lowell.

Women’s Recap: Free falling, Boston clipped by New York 2-1 in overtime.

The struggles on offense continue as Boston steals a point against New York.

Women’s Public Skate: Boston v New York

Time to get back on the winning side.

Women’s Preview: Get right game

Boston has been struggling their last few games, after making a drastic change with the first league trade, they need to show dividends.