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I'm a Boston Bruins fan. I'm also a Providence Bruins fan so don't expect anything I write to be unbiased. I'm 26 and still working towards my bachelor's degree so don't expect me to be on time for anything.

Bruins vs. Red Wings Game 2 Preview

Let's try scoring more than zero goals today.

Bruins vs. Red Wings Game 1: Stats Breakdown

Assume the fetal position

Almost Déjà vu: Bruins 3, Leafs 4 (OT)

Lucic cuts the Leafs lead to 1, then Bergeron ties it with Reimer in net...but sadly overtime did not go the way of last year's Game 7.

Public Skate Third Period: Bruins1 , Leafs 3

This period blew.

Public Skate Second Period: Bruins 1, Leafs 2

Another goal given up in the final minute of a period.

This stream has:

Bruins vs. Maple Leafs: 7:30PM EST

Bounce back and clinch the east, please.

Public Skate: Bruins vs. Maple Leafs, 7:30PM EST

Bounce back and clinch the east, please.

P-Bruins Preview: Johnson Returns vs Sharks

Providence Bruins face the Worcester Sharks for the 10th time this season. P-Bruins are hanging on in 8th in the East. Nick Johnson returns from an upper body injury that kept him out since early February. Also, happy birthday Matt Lindblad!

P-Bruins Preview: Ursine Playoff Battle

8th place Providence Bruins host 9th place Hershey Bears as the regular season ending nears and four points separate the two teams.


Five years ago today, Tuukka Rask had the most epic, amusing meltdown of all time, with one milk crate on the casualty list.