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Bear and the Gang is back! And more animated than ever!

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Boston Bruins

Um, we have some very good news. Bear and the Gang will return soon. And this time, it'll be animated:

This brings up some important questions, such as:

  • Will Patrice Bergeron have a literal halo or just a faint glow around him?
  • Will Zdeno Chara fit on an animation cell?
  • Will David Pastrnak be healed by cartoon medicine magic?
  • Will Kevan Miller still be bad, even in a cartoon?
  • Will Brad Marchand's nose be over-sized, under-sized, or perfectly to scale?
  • Will the bear eat a Habs fan (or better yet, Gallagher) finally?
  • Will Tuukka Rask look more angular or less?
  • Jack Edwards couldn't possibly be more animated than he already is. Will he appear subdued?
  • Will we still get a Rene Rancourt appearance? Please? Thank you.

I could go on for days. This is fantastic news. Here are some previous episodes:

Episode 1:

Christmas spectacular:


"Shake Weight"

What's your favorite and who are you looking forward to in the animated series?