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It's Still Brad Marchand's Month (Part 2)

And I wish we could all live in it forever

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier, we covered the first half(ish) of Marchand's goals during his streak.  And no, not the kind of streak in your pants; Bard Marchand was on a goal scoring streak, with 13 goals in 13 games.  While we finishing reliving his scoring streak, try not to focus on the fact that he'll be due for a pay raise after next season.  Also, put your feet up! Relax! Don't take yourself too seriously.  The world is too tough as it is, so go ahead and enjoy yourself.

Again, the goals are in chronological order with my personal ranking in ()

Goal #7 - (9)

Another one where he was the benefactor of good passing, but the second of the game and good recovery after getting pushed.  He may have fallen over, but his skates barely moved.  Have you noticed where he's scoring most of these goals? Right in front of the red rectangle metal thing. The net.  Take note, other Bruins.

Goal #8 - (1)

This shit right here.  The goal heard 'round the hockey world.  I'm not going to break it down, as it's been done before.  But it showcases the best of Brad - patience with the puck, speed through all three zones, underrated dekes, and a deceptive backhand that finds corners.  This wouldn't be the last we saw of Buffalo, either.

Goal #9 - (2)

An overtime penalty shot?  The dude's got more clutch than my tractor.  This is where we also start to see Marchand mean-mugging after he scores.  He's hot, he knows it, and wants the rest of the world to know it too.  Backhand, top corner? Seems familiar.  And, for extra fun, here's the penalty that was called.  You decide.

Goal #10 - (12)

People gave Sidney Crosby a lot of flak for scoring goals like these his first few years in the league.  And yes, I did just compare Sidney Crosby to Brad Marchand! And no, I do not think that Brad's as good, so don't yell at me on twitter!

Goal #11 - (4)

Backhand, top corner. AGAIN.  This reminds me of a hero in a movie saving the day, or the 9 a.m. toilet visit after your second cup of coffee.  You know it's coming, but you still can't stop it.

Goal #12 - (10)

Wouldn't be a hot streak without a bit of puck luck, eh?  But you know what he does as soon as he loses it?  Skates directly to the front of the net.  Broken record at this point.

Goal #13 - (3)

Whoah.  If you blinked, like the Wings' goalie Petr Mrazek did, you would have missed this goal.  Marchy shot faster than I did when I was 16.  And if you understand that, you're gross like me.  Nicely done.

But I reeeeally like this goal.  Credit Brett Connolly, typically a winger, for winning this faceoff cleanly.  I've always thought that more people should shoot off of the faceoff; the Goalie is already screened (and apparently not always quite ready), and if you have the far side winger - in this case Ryan Spooner - crash towards the net, he gets an easy rebound.  See #21 for Detroit start to sneak out to the boards, and #47 for Detroit do a great living statue impersonation as he tried to figure out what is going on?  Those are the two who could stop a potential Spooner rebound chance.  And for these factors, the sneakiness of it all, it gets #3 in my personal rankings.

Agree? Disagree? Want to tell me to go take a long walk off a short pier?  Comment below.  Doesn't matter, as we all agree that Brad Marchand is the greatest.