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Montreal Canadiens so bad in January, they won't award a player of the month

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Montreal today announced that, despite having played enough games to qualify, they will not be awarding a player of the month Molson Cup (Coupe Molson, if you prefer) this month. As we all remember, they kicked off the month with a full third of their wins, setting the stage for a blistering 3-7-1 (That's bad) pace.

What do the habs have to say about it? Well, they claim that it was a three-way tie, but we know the truth. Here's the excuse for when the people who called 911 on Chara decide to stage another protest, per RDS:

Gallagher, Pacioretty et Eller ont reçu une première étoile chacun et une sélection à titre de troisième étoile du match. En raison de la triple égalité – une première dans l’histoire de la coupe Molson soit dit en passant – la direction du Canadien a simplement décidé de reporter de quatre semaines l’élection de celui qui obtiendra le titre de joueur des mois de janvier et de février.

Because I can't speak to Patrice Bergeron in his native tongue, I ran it through google translate, and got this:

Gallagher, Pacioretty Eller and received first star each and selected as the third star of the game. Because of the three-way tie - a first in the history of the Molson Cup incidentally - the leadership of the Canadian simply decided to postpone by four weeks of the election that will get the player of the months of January and February.

Let's remember the good times: