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Milan Lucic talks about his trade, thanks Boston in letter

And goes into a few other things like the fights and the cup and which Bruins legend he didn't recognize

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Milan Lucic wrote a letter to Boston earlier today for the Player's Tribune, the pro athlete blog. It's a very good read, including fun stuff like not knowing who Johnny Bucyk was, Zdeno Chara's handshake strength, among other things. He talks a lot about just coming into the league, wearing 62. Trying to make a name for himself with his fists. From the man himself:

When I skated out in Boston for the first time, my adrenaline was through the roof. First shift, I had to go. I just felt like I had to show the fans the type of player I was going to be. I looked at Nick Tarnasky. Another really tough guy.

Back in 2007, it didn’t take much. Lots of willing participants.

"Wanna go?"


We went at it.

Again, I barely remember the fight. What I remember — actually, what I will never forget, is the sound of the Garden when the referee was taking me to the box.

That roar. Oh my gosh. It’s the best.

After that game, I thought, "Man, what if we could bring that Big Bad mentality back? This city is ready for it. They love it."

Here's that fight:

Tarnasky got worked. has Lucic at over 95% winning this fight. Milan goes on to talk about Chara getting booed on home ice, and gives major props to the student section rowdies in section 308. Then he goes into the trade from Boston, and how he followed it, and how he felt about it. There's more in the story, but here's a highlight:

In the back of my mind, I’m thinking, Well, if I really have to move on, if there’s one place I could pick to go, it would be Los Angeles. Two Cups in three years. Physical style. Sick jerseys. Closer to my family in Vancouver.

I’m texting my mom. I’m texting my wife. Honestly, she was on Twitter more than I was. She’s reporting back like, "Well this guy says you’re definitely being traded, but his profile picture is just a dog? Might be a random guy."

Regardless of which directions your feelings about the 2011 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruin flow, you probably have strong ones. Milan Lucic is back on Garden ice, for the first time since the trade, tomorrow night. Welcome back, Looch.