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Claude Julien becomes winningest coach in Boston Bruins history

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

With tonight's Lee Stempniak Overtime Winning Goal tonight, Claude Julien has officially passed Art Ross as the Bruins all-time winning-est coach. It's been a long, wild ride for Claude, as his 388-215-86 record can attest to. On top of his time with the Bruins, he coached 4 other years with New Jersey and Montreal. Claude is likely the most successful active francophone coach in the league.

Claude Julien, along with Zdeno Chara, Patrice Bergeron, and to an extent David Krejci, have been there throughout the entirety of the most recent (Black and) Golden Era of the Boston Bruins.

My favorite part? Well, isn't it obvious?

Congratulations, Coach!