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How the Bruins' Playoff hopes are affected by tonight's games

A quick look at the games tonight and what they mean for the Bruins

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Here's a quick look at tonight's games and what they mean for the Bruins' chances at clinching a playoff spot:

Standings and magic numbers:

As of this morning, here are the teams that the Bruins are within range of, and what that looks like. Grid on the right with orange and green is team vs. team Magic Numbers. A Magic Number is the number of points that the team on the left has to get to clinch a spot above the team on the top. So, the Flyers can ensure they finish above Detroit with 6 points (or Detroit losing out on 6 points of their last few games).

WC1 New York Islanders 78 43 26 9 95 38 8 103 -- 6 4 2 1
FE2 TBL Lightning 79 45 29 5 95 42 6 101 8 -- 4 2 1
WC2 Philadelphia Flyers 78 39 26 13 91 36 8 99 12 10 -- 6 5
FE3 Detroit Red Wings 79 40 28 11 91 38 6 97 12 10 8 -- 5
Out Boston Bruins 79 41 30 8 90 37 6 96 13 11 9 7 --

Most Important Game: Boston Bruins vs Carolina Hurricanes

You can't make the playoffs without getting points yourself. As you can see above, the Bruins are out if everyone loses out for the rest of the season. Philadelphia and Detroit aren't playing tonight, so a Bruins win would slide them up into third in the Flortheast for a day. A Regulation or Overtime win would tie them with Detroit in ROW, the first tiebreaker, as well.

Second-most-important game: Tampa Bay Lightning vs New York Rangers

With a single point, Tampa can clinch a higher finish than the Bruins and work their way off that spreadsheet below.

Third-most important game: New York Islanders at Washington Capitals

With a single point, the Islanders can clinch a higher finish than the Bruins and put that first Wildcard spot out of reach officially.

These are the only games that matter for Bruins fans on the schedule tonight.