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Why the Rick Nash trade is a win for the Bruins

You have to give something to get something, and Don Sweeney did what it took to get an impact player

Grading the Bruins on the Nick Holden trade

You can never have enough blue line depth, but at what cost?

Forget the future. For the Bruins, a Ryan McDonagh trade doesn’t even make sense now

Hold your horses, folks. Have we even decided if the Bruins need him at all?

How’s the Dougie Hamilton trade working out?

It was one of Don Sweeney’s first acts as GM. How is it aging?

How the Bruins could use their defensive depth to their advantage

An in-depth look at the Bruins’ defensive situation, and how they can profit from it

Bruins trade target rundown: Forwards

Who’s selling, and do they have what the Bruins want?

Preview: A Saturday scouting report on the Montreal Canadiens

An in-depth look at the Bruins’ Saturday opponent.

What we’ve learned about the Bruins’ young players: Mid-season edition

Long live the youth movement!

Has Boston’s Net-Front Defense actually improved?

In November, things looked pretty grim for the B’s play in front of their goaltenders. By 2018? Let’s see how they’ve improved.

Can Charlie McAvoy win Rookie of the Year?

Defensemen rarely win the Calder, but this kid is special

Does Adam McQuaid have a place in this Bruins lineup anymore?

Outplayed and made obsolete by Matt Grzelcyk, Quaider might have become a spare part.

Bruins’ Month in Review: Turkey Takeaways

Shawn took a deep look at the month of November and how the B’s did while playing in it.

McAvoy and Chara are breaking the aging curve from both ends

They’re an odd couple, but their results are sparkling

Boston’s Net-Front defense needs to improve, and quickly.

There are a LOT of good teams ahead on the schedule for Boston. Their play directly in front of their goaltender needs to be a lot better than it has been.

A comprehensive look at just how badly the Bruins are hurt

The Bruins have lost a lot of bodies, and we’re gonna show you just how much this has impacted them.

Mapping the Bruins return to 5 on 5 greatness

The Bruins 5v5 play as of late should remind B’s fans of something...

Who to trade for defense? Weighing Pros and cons

Which often bantered name should the Bruins move for defense? An indecisive look at the pros and cons of moving specific players

Building From Within

The Bruins have gaps in their defensive wall to fill. Here's the inhouse players they might be able to do it with.

No Vesey Way Out

The Bruins have made a rod for their own back by focusing on the failed chase for Jimmy Vesey

The top 20 defensemen in the NHL right now. For real.

The NHL network published a bad list of the top 20 defensemen. Here's a better one.

Wilful Ignorance: On Pfeffer & Fancystats Denial

The Matt Pfeffer affair in Montreal marks a new shift in the continuing conflict between hockey analytics and traditional NHL evaluation techniques - with some teams now displaying almost wilful disdain for them

London Calling: KHL's Expansion A Message To NHL

The KHL has long seen itself as a rival to the NHL for hockey fans' affections in Europe. Now it's aggressively expanding - and London is its next target. This is a move with big risk but bigger rewards - one aimed directly at the NHL, too.

Rudderless Ship

The Boston Bruins seemingly have no coherent strategy this offseason - and that is intensely worrying for their short-term future.

Trading Tuukka? - Chowder Contemplates The Unthinkable

Tuukka Rask trade rumors are swirling again - is there any way that a Tuukka trade can actually make sense the Bruins? We try to work out a fair exchange

My Kingdom for a Defenseman, part 10: The UFA thrift store offers Wisniewski, Jackman, Weber, and Nakadal

We're gonna pop some contracts, Only got 8.5 million in cap space, I - I - I'm hunting, looking for a top 4, This guy's stats are awesome,

NHL Free Agency: Russ-ing To Destruction

Kris Russell is going to get paid this offseason, possibly by the Bruins. If Don Sweeney signs him, it'll show a truly catastrophic lack of intelligence and waste of money

NHL Free Agency: Body Blow

Jason Demers signs in Florida - and leaves the B's running out of options for a defensive fix fast

My Kingdom for a Defenseman, part 9: Patrick Weircioch could be the kind of steal the Bruins need

Is Patrick Weircoch good? Eh. Eh? Meh. Maybe? Yeah... Yeah, sure.

My Kingdom for a- Oh darnit War On Ice is down

War-On-Ice went down a few weeks ago, and with it went a large number of stats I like.

NHL Free Agency: Nowhere To Hide

The rise in advanced stats means that it's easier than ever for fans to scrutinise and evaluate contract value - and that is a very good thing indeed, whether NHL GMs like it or not.

Featured Fanshot

Cam Fowler vs. Kevin Shattenkirk HERO charts: who's better?

My Kingdom for a Defenseman, part 8: Sign Campbell. No, wait, the good one.

Think of a defenseman. Brian Campbell is probably better than them.