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Boston Bruins 2016 Draft

Bruins pick Ryan Lindgren 49th overall


This stream has:

2015 NHL Entry Draft: Prospect Profiles

SCOC starts its in-depth look at potential Bruins draftees.

Bruins take Trent Frederic at 29

No, we don't know much yet either.

Featured Fanshot

Charlie McAvoy probably doesn't hate the Bruins anymore

2016 First round pick Charlie McAvoy grew up a Rangers fan. Wheeee!


Donny did good!

NHL Draft: Habs Trade For Andrew Shaw

That should make for some interesting battles next season



Featured Fanshot

Cam Fowler vs. Kevin Shattenkirk HERO charts: who's better?

Draft Day Bruins news and rumors

Fowler, Kulikov, Shattenkirk, Subban, and laughing at the Canucks

NHL Draft 2016: Who the Bruins should take

SCoC looks at ten likely options to have their name called by Don Sweeney at the NHL Draft this evening.

NHL Draft 2016: Forward Thinking

On the eve of the 2016 NHL Draft, we argue that the B's organisation should be ignoring all the conventional wisdom and looking beyond the blue line with their first pick this draft.

Bruins select Rasmus Asplund with 29th Mock Pick

The kid from Farjestad BK is very impressive

NHL Mock Draft 2016: Boston Bruins select Jacob Moverare with No. 28 pick

Big, strong skating defenseman out of Sweden

We have a Mock Draft trade to announce...

And you’ll either be really excited or disappointed. Find out which!

Draft Profiles: The Right Moverare

Jacob Moverare isn't the most heralded of prospects, but he's the kind of prospect that gives the Bruins far more options in the first round

Bruins could have Chiarelli comp pushed back

Due to an NHLPA grievance centered on offer sheets and executive hiring compensation rules, the Bruins could be forced to get the Oilers 2018 2nd round pick

NHL Draft Profiles: Monster Masch

Kitchener's Adam Mascherin is unheralded in the draft, but he presents as a hybrid of Frank Vatrano and Brad Marchand. That is a combination that should be of great interest....especially if it's available late in the first round.

Draft Profile: Is Veini Vehviläinen Tuukka Mark II?

The Bruins have history with finding unheralded goalie gems in Finland. With low risk and a high reward, they should be looking at Veini Vehviläinen as potential to find another

The 2016 NHL Draft order will be decided tonight

Bruins second first-round pick could be locked in over the next two days

Draft Profiles: Max Jones: Handle With Care

The London Knights' power forward is a mean, vicious throwback power forward. But his greatest asset may also be his greatest weakness

The Unbearable Lightness Of Jake Bean

With the NHL placing more and more emphasis on puck movement for blueliners one of the deftest offensive touches in the draft, Calgary's Jake Bean is tailor-made for the NHL's future.

Development camp is July 12-15th

See the recent draftees and local college kids run drills!

NHL Draft Profiles: Swiss Army Knife

Nathan Bastian won't go in the top ten. He may not even go in the first round. But he is worthy of close attention throughout the draft - a Swiss Army Knife that could fit beautifully in Boston's pockets .

Bruins lose the draft lottery

The Bruins are picking 14th this summer.

NHL Draft lottery is tonight!

Dare to dream about Auston Matthews

NHL Draft Profile: The Chosen One

Auston Matthews is the consensus first overall pick. But more than that, he's the chosen standard bearer of the NHL's drive South.

NHL Draft Profiles: Blowing Up The Ceiling?

Tappara's Patrik Laine is generating some serious buzz, with some saying he could go first ahead of Auston Matthews. He is a truly lethal goalscorer - but could his specialisation cause him problems in the NHL, or will it make him more deadly yet?

NHL Draft Profiles: A Terrible Beauty Is Born

Jesse Puljujärvi is something very special. And also terrifying.

NHL Draft Profiles: Boston Logan?

Windsor's Logan Brown is big, skilled and a player who can contribute at both ends. Is he the B's next playmaker?

NHL Draft Profiles 2016: Local Hero

BU's Charlie McAvoy is among the premier blueline prospects in this draft crop, and he's developing right in the Bruins' back garden.

2016 Draft Profiles: American Sniper

The Erie Otters' Alex DeBrincat is a pure goalscorer of the old school. But his small size has made his draft ranking suffer. Boston could have a lethal offensive weapon fall right into their laps...if they want it.

NHL Draft Profiles 2016 - Grand, Mauvaise Bruin

The Bruins fans have already taken one Quebecer to their hearts in Patrice Bergeron. If Val D'Or's Julien Gauthier has his name called by B's management this June, it may not be long until they idolise another.


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