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Morning Draft Rumor Roundup: Lucic on the move, Bruins kick tires on 3rd overall

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we've gotten some fun little rumors today, all taken directly from the Word of God Bob - TSN's Bob McKenzie, that is. Bob has a long history of being The Guy when it comes to NHL news. In some circles, it is believed that he could make a trade manifest simply by tweeting about it. Let's hope he's using those powers for good. He dropped a couple of Bruins bombs this morning. And they're believable, as Don Sweeney will likely want to make his own mark on this team. To recap:

The Bruins are looking to pick up the 3rd overall pick from the Arizona Coyotes

Doug Nonis's cousin thinks it'll be Dougie Hamilton going to Arizona. I can't believe Don Sweeney would be that stupid, but here we are.

The Bruins are listening to offers for Milan Lucic

Or maybe even (gasp!) Dougie Hamilton!

See any other good ones? The hours are counting down!