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The Bruins have a slim chance to get Auston Matthews in the Draft Lottery this summer. Here's how

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Bruins are, unfortunately out of the playoffs. And that means that, after the will-they-or-won't-they period of possibly (please no) firing Claude Julien, Don Sweeney, Cam Neely, that popcorn vendor that always gives you extra, or whoever....

It's time for the Draft Lottery. The draft lottery has changed a bit since last year, so let's do a real simple breakdown. The first three picks will be determined by consecutive lotteries. Our pals over at Pension Plan Puppets have had a lot longer to think about this, so they've got a nice table and everything of everyone's odds. Here? We only care about a few. Okay, mostly just the one: The Bruins. Here's the real short version: We're probably picking 14th. Here's the table with the longer story:

Pick Chance
1st 1.000%
2nd 1.114%
3rd 1.252%
14th 96.634%

Pretty lopsidedly in favor of picking fourteenth, but there's a chance. There's certainly a chance. Just not a great one, unfortunately. We'll see how Bettman decides to rig it. Then again, Jeremy Jacobs has had a lot of luck with one-percenters. I ran an online Draft Lottery Simulator and was not happy with the results:

Draft lottery 100 times

If you tried it and had better luck, please let us know.

The Draft lottery will be on Saturday, April 30th. We'll be sure to keep you updated on any developments.