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NHL Draft Lottery 2016: Preview, odds, how to watch online and TV coverage

Auston to Boston? CMON WE CAN DO THIS

Finland v USA White - 2014 USA Hockey Junior Evaluation Camp

The basics:

- When: Tonight, 8pm

- Where: In Toronto at the CBC

- What: the top three picks will be assigned by draft lottery or maybe just by conspiracy

- Why: Because the Oilers have done as good a job of rebuilding as the Bruins have done assembling and maintaining a defensive core

- How to watch: On TV! NBC and CBC will carry live coverage of the lottery. We'll also be following along on Twitter.

How it works:

They're picking the top three draft slots tonight. The first overall will be picked from the 14 non-playoff teams (hey, that's us!). Then, the second overall pick will be chosen from the 13 teams that got neither playoff games nor the first overall. Then, the third overall pick will be chosen from the 12 remaining teams.

Who those picks probably are:

  1. Auston Matthews
  2. Patrick Laine
  3. Jesse Puljujarvi


Every team has different odds, based on how they finished. The Bruins have a 1% chance at getting the Auston Matthews pick.

Here's the list of chances at first overall:

  • Toronto Maple Leafs 20.0%
  • Edmonton Oilers 13.5%
  • Vancouver Canucks 11.5%
  • Columbus Blue Jackets 9.5%
  • Calgary Flames 8.5%
  • Winnipeg Jets 7.5%
  • Arizona Coyotes 6.5%
  • Buffalo Sabres 6.0%
  • Montreal Canadiens 5.0%
  • Colorado Avalanche 3.5%
  • New Jersey Devils 3.0%
  • Ottawa Senators 2.5%
  • Carolina Hurricanes 2.0%
  • Boston Bruins 1.0%

Good luck, Bruins!