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The Maple Leafs you will love to hate by the end of the series

We do not normally advocate hate, but it's the playoffs.

Toronto Maple Leafs v New Jersey Devils Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Nothing creates hurt feelings and anger quite like a playoff series.

Heading into last year’s first-round match-up with Ottawa, most Bruins fans were pretty indifferent about the Senators, who are the NHL equivalent of white bread: there, but otherwise completely unremarkable.

After two or three games though, Bobby Ryan was truly the worst, Mark Borowiecki needed to be taught a lesson and Mark Stone needed to just stop talking. It was fun.

This year’s series won’t be any different. And while “hate” might be a strong word, here are a few guys you will probably really, really, really dislike by the end of this series.

Tomas Plekanec

Did you not know he was still in the NHL? You’re not alone!

This one doesn’t really need any explanation, as you all know why you’ll hate Tomas Plekanec. He whines. He slashes. He hooks. He flops. He wears a turtleneck.

For whatever reason, he drives David Krejci insane as well. The normally mild-mannered Krejci seems to have a personal beef with Plekanec, which should be fun to watch. It seems like every time Krejci and Plekanec are in a series together, there’s a Czech scrum by Game 2.

Leo Komarov

The Finnish guy with the Russian last name who was born in Estonia would probably be pretty popular if he was on the Bruins. He plays a pretty heavy game, likes hitting and enjoys starting little scrums from time to time.

He’s a good fourth-line grinder type, and will probably end up drawing a penalty at some point in this series that will make you want to lose your mind.

James van Riemsdyk

Remember that 2010 series against the Flyers? Of course you do, for obvious reasons. JVR was with the Flyers back then, and was just a kid. The color guy for that series (I believe it was Eddie Olcyzk) spent the entire series GUSHING about JVR. JVR! JVR!!!!!!!!

Now a veteran, van Riemsdyk is still a pretty good player. He’ll get under your skin because he does one thing very well: stands at the top of the crease and collects points.

You know he’s going to be there. You try to game plan around it. Yet he still finds his spot.

Nazem Kadri

Extremely talented, Kadri is also a guy who likes a bit of stickwork and flopping. He’s a “start a scrum then wait for the linesmen to come in” type of guy, which gets irritating after about two games.

Kadri also seems to talk a lot, whether it’s chirping other players or complaining to the refs. He’s kind of like a less-talented Brad Marchand: he’s more annoying when he’s producing, because then he’s both obnoxious and good.

William Nylander

How can you hate William Nylander, aka SnizzBone?????

It’s not his fault, but we’ll be reminded night after night that Nylander and David Pastrnak are very good friends and played together at Sodertalje SK in Sweden.

This is going to turn into the “did you know Antonio Gates played basketball in college?????” of this series, and you’ll get sick of hearing it.

Sorry SnizzBone.

Patrick Marleau

I went back and forth on this one. Marleau seems like a nice enough guy, but that might be what gets irritating.

With all the youth on Toronto, Marleau is just skating along like a living embodiment of the Steve Buscemi “how do you do, fellow kids?” GIF.

He also has his kids on the ice at practice, where they try to fight Leafs players.