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Prior to the playoffs, the Leafs hadn’t lost by four goals all season. Well...


NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Toronto Maple Leafs at Boston Bruins Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Hockey people will go out of their way to tell you that the Stanley Cup Playoffs are a whole different animal from the regular season.

The Toronto Maple Leafs now understand that in a pretty remarkable way.

From Chris (@CrzyCanucklehed), here’s a look at the Leafs’ margins of victory or defeat so far in the 2017-2018 season:

Chris Abraham

That bottom line you see there? Those are losses by four goals. It’s happened to Toronto twice this season.

You guessed it: Games 1 and 2 of this series.

The Toronto Maples Leafs didn’t lose a game by four goals once throughout the entirety of the 2017-2018 regular season. They’ve now lost by four goals in two consecutive games.

(For what it’s worth: per Chris, the Bruins lost by four goals twice in the regular season, and even lost by five goals once. BUT THAT WAS THE PAST!)

The point of this post isn’t to pile on the Leafs; instead, the point is to illustrate how remarkable the results of the first two games have been for the Bruins.

To win Games 1 and 2 in a playoff series is great.

To win Games 1 and 2 in a playoff series by beating a team worse than they’ve been beaten in an entire season?

That’s even better.