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Five Years Ago today, the Bruins lost to Montreal at home

The eventual Stanley Cup Champions didn't look like winners.

Elsa/Getty Images

Well, the Bruins aren't in the playoffs again this year. 5 years ago, though, they were in the playoffs.

CBC Opening Montage

They were facing the hated Montreal Canadiens, and the habs had beaten the heck out of them enough. The habs had just made the Eastern Conference Final the last year, losing to the same Philadelphia Flyers that the Bruins had lost to after being up 3-0.

And if you're still with me, this game was no fun. And it was a home game, so you'll feel nice and familiar with it.

It started off with Brian Gionta scoring a goal from Scott Gomez. It ended with Brian Gionta scoring a goal from Scott Gomez. In between? Well, not much.

Here's some highlights, if you can even call it that. Luckily, we've got Jack Edwards with the call:

What was said:

Well, I wasn't just going to let this die:

A journey of 35 pounds begins with a single loss. This is that loss, apparently. Were you at this game? What do you remember?