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The Bruins lost to Montreal at home. Again. 5 years ago.

Elsa/Getty Images

Welcome back! It's time for another trip down memory lane!

CBC Opening Montage

Last game was no picnic and this one was little better.

Chara was a last minute scratch, replaced with Shane Hnidy. Well, Hnidy played like 2 minutes. The habs won 3-1, so another 2-goal loss. It started with a very fast goal, and then a very fast second goal, and they never really looked back. Patrice Bergeron got the only goal at home in the first pair, which was nice at least. We love you, Patrice.



What was said

Still relevant today...

I knew it was going to be bad.

Sarah and Dan react:


Did you attend this abomination? What do you remember?