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The Bruins beat Montreal in Montreal. Isn't that Rich?

Five years ago, the Bruins won in Montreal with authority. Caaaaaaaaaaaaareeeeeeeeeeeey

Phillip MacCallum/Getty Images

Oh man, this game was sweet. Coming into the game, the Bruins were down 2 games, and on aggregate were down 5-1. It was rough.

Everyone except the riot cops in Montreal was excited about this. I mean, just look at this:

CBC Montage

All of those children irresponsibly indoctrinated into Montreal hockey fandom. Look at these kids!

All they have to look forward to is a life of pain and suffering. You can almost see the desperation in their eyes.

Game Recap

Period 1

The Bruins got a too-many-men penalty early in the first, but scored short-handed (ha!). Later in the first, Nathan Horton got the Bruins another one by banking one off Carey Price.

Period 2

Carey Price got the Bruins another one by banking it off Rich Peverley. Jack Edwards drops "Isn't that rich?" on all of us immediately after and we are all blessed to have him calling the big moments of the best Bruins era since Bobby Orr was lacing up skates. God damn do I love Jack Edwards. Andrei Kostitsyn then gets Montreal on the board and everyone worries just a little bit.

Period 3

Jack Edwards says SAVE BY THOMAS a whole bunch, but then Plekanec finally gets through. 3-2, Bruins. It was a really nice goal, too. Spin-o-rama five-hole goal, a no-look desperation seeing eye shot that also went through Chara. Unreal goal. That's what it took to beat Thomas that year, I guess.

Jack Edwards alarm clock alert: "Hamrlik goes down as if shot. GET UP!" at about 15:35 of the video below.

Chris Kelly's empty-net goal was absolutely delightful. PK Subban sliding into the net and everything. Check it out:

Just drink it in... And yes, that's PK Subban diving, taking a penalty, and following the puck into the net. What a delight.


Thanks to dafoomie for curating this delight.

What was said

What a game, y'all!