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The Bruins won 5-4 in OT with a little luck and a whole lotta glove

Phillip MacCallum/Getty Images

When we left our heroes last, they had finally won a game in the Boston-Montreal series, and - on the road, no less - had to win another one to gain back home ice advantage. If you can read the headline, you already know how it ended. And Andrew Ference forever became a hero in Boston.

CBC Montage

Not the most inspired faire, but still pretty dang good stuff. Bravo.

Quick Recap

The box score is pretty simple. Brent Sopel of all people scores the only goal of the first, off a rebound right to him. He winds up big  - comically big, like a golfer - and blasts one through traffic.

Michael Ryder ties it up early in the first by bending a puck just over Carey Price. Shades of 2009, in my opinion. Not that I'm biased or anything. A couple of jerks in red score the next two goals, and the Bruins...well, the next Bruins goal is special. It's not the showiest goal in the world. Bergeron and Marchand enter the zone with the puck. The Montreal jerk knocks it off one of them to the trailing Andrew Ference, who blasts it home:

Ference Goal Game 3

Pretty normal, right? Yeah. But what Andrew Ference did after that was what was really fantastic. He flipped off the Montreal crowd. "An obscene gesture" is what Jack Edwards called it. It was a delight.

Bergeron ties it not too long after when Brad Marchand and he play Carey in the Middle in the goal crease. Marchand gets it at the post, passes it behind Price to Bergeron, who has only the goal crease to stop him. He buried it, obviously.

Two of the best goaltenders in the world, and 5 goals get scored in 20 minutes of play. 3-3 going into the third.

PK Subban scores his patented "third period powerplay goal against Boston" a little too early tonight, though. He scores it, sure, but early in the period. The Bruins take another 10+ minutes before putting the Cult Favorite Crew (Chris Kelly, Rich Peverley, Michael Ryder) on the ice to combine for a game-tying goal from Chris "Cageface" Kelly at the top of the crease.

Dennis Seidenberg takes a penalty with 2:19 left in the third in a tied playoff game. The Bruins kill it.

We go to overtime.

Cult Favorite Crew rides again.

Michael Ryder OT goal vs Montreal game 4 2011



Heck of a game. Series is all tied up and we go back to Boston for a classic Saturday night matchup. Can't wait!