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Brad Marchand scores his first-ever NHL playoff goal against Montreal. Bruins win 2-1 in 2 OTs

Elsa/Getty Images

When we last saw our heroes, they were busy taking 2 victories out of the Bell Centre with an overtime goal from none other than Mikey Ryder (and don't forget Cageface Kelly tying it up late!)

CBC Montage


Period 1 and 2


At the end of the second, Brad Marchand and Tomas Plekanec end up trading gloved punches and both end the period in the box.

Third Period

Brad Marchand gets out of the box.

Brad Marchand is all hyped up.

Brad Marchand hasn't scored a playoff goal

Wow. We are so lucky to have him.

He's so good. Because it's saturday night, and we can't have nice things, Jeff Halpern of all damn people ties it up for Montreal. No, it's not one of their good players or anything. Jeff Halpern gets a nice chance on the doorstep and he buries it.

Then it goes to overtime. The Bruins get a powerplay in overtime, but it's the 2011 Bruins so it doesn't matter.

Then it goes to double overtime.

Halfway through the 5th period...

Nathan Horton is a gosh darn real live playoff overtime hero. Of course he is, it's the 2011 Playoffs.

Lucic passes to Ference, who threads it to Horton on the doorstep. Horton manages to get a stick on it just enough to bury it right past Carey Price. What a champion. Literally.


Heck of a game. Most of this video is Overtime. It's amazing.

Bruins win in double OT. They're up 3-2 in the series. We go back to Montreal on Tuesday night.