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Nathan Horton, Mark Recchi, Johnny Boychuk, and Chris Kelly score on Carey Price for a game 7 overtime win

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Last night, the Bruins nearly won against Montreal, but weren't able to force overtime. Luckily, they've got a game 7 at home. Don't worry, the last home game 7 wasn't too bad, was it? Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Oh dear. Let's get started, here.

CBC Playoffs

Nice one, CBC. Brad is Ready for Work:


Game seven. What an atmosphere., what energy, what a shot by Johnny Boychuk. Holy crap, did he have a bomb. Bergeron puts it behind the net, Brad skates it around the corner and puts it to Boychuk at the blueline above the circle. Boychuk remembers how his brothers used to lock him out and gets angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry. Well, not if you're Carey Price, anyways. 1-0 Bruins. Andy Brickley says that Brad Marchand is "playing like a veteran in his first playoff."

A few minutes later, Hal Gill pokes the puck to what he thinks is his own guy, but instead is Andrew Ference's pokecheck. In Gill's defense, he was preventing Bergeron from getting the puck. If I were a defenseman, I'd probably pick just about anyone over Bergeron on that 2011 lineup to get the puck. Ference pokes it to Recchi. Recchi has enough time to do some calisthenics, press some grapes, make some tea, and call his grandkids. Then, he still has enough time to remember that he's a top-20 all-time goalscorer, and roof one into the GIANT hole over Carey Price's shoulder. Seriously, look at this thing:


Habs score on the powerplay after Paille loses his stick. 2-1 good guys, still.

Brad Marchand gets the old 2-for-1 hit:

Love you, Brad.

This first period has EVERYTHING! Look at this classic PK Subban dive, too!

What a period.

Second Period

Finally, someone scores on a Bruins powerplay. Except...oh dear. The Bruins Powerplay has a negative goal differential at this point, as Plekanec picks off the puck in the neutral zone and manages to bury his breakaway chance. 2-2, all tied up.

The period ends with Johnny Boychuk bouncing Jeff Halpern's face off a stanchion and the Bruins killing a penalty.

Third Period

Part of the way through the third, Andrew Ference sort of... elbows Jeff Halpern in the head:

Ference Elbow

Boy, this is hard to watch now. Halpern is so badly hurt that he actually goes down the tunnel. Shortly after, well...I'll let Jack call it.

Chris Kelly is a delight. Jack Edwards is a delight. Little red lights going on behind and above Carey Price is a delight. What a delightful video.

Patrice Bergeron taps Wisniewski on the facemask and Wisniewski makes sure the ref sees it. You'll never guess what happens when Montreal needs a goal and they're on the powerplay late.

Goddamit, PK Subban. He is so good. Tie game.


You know how this ends.

Of note: Hal Gill, PK Subban, and Jeff Halpern were all on the ice for Nathan Horton's glorious series-winning bomb. Boy howdy, can that guy score in clutch situations.



Wow. Bonus! Naoko Funyama interviewing Tim Thomas at the end. Heck of a series, really. Bruins go down 0-2, win in overtime in game 7 at home. Nuts.

After getting the "700 pound game 7 gorilla" off their back, they're set to face...oh dear. Philadelphia. Let's see how they can do.