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The Bruins score 7 goals against two goalies in Philadelphia to go up 1-0

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Coming off the 1-2 punch of games 6 and 7 and a whole bunch of overtime, the Bruins were likely going to be tired. The Flyers, on the other hand, had a first round bye (okay, seven games) against Buffalo. They're playing the team that knocked them out the year before, after the Bruins went up 3-0 and Mike Richards murdered David Krejci in cold blood. (Okay, he broke his wrist.) This could be a tough game.

CBC Montage

Exactly what we didn't all want to bring up. Though, if you didn't relive the nightmare prior to this series you were just opening yourself to Flyers taunting.


We start off with a reminder that the Flyers are getting Flyers-quality goaltending. Before 2 minutes are spent from the series, Dennis Seidenberg has a point. (A second assist on a Krejci goal). 1-0. Daniel Briere, Playoff God, scores 10 minutes later. Nathan Horton closes out the period with a goal. Flyers fans boo and cheer.

The Bruins get themselves 3 more goals in the second, but the third is immediately answered by the Flyers. In the third, the Bruins score 2 more and the Flyers score 1 more. Milan Lucic and Zac Rinaldo are both tossed with less than 5 minutes left. After the whistle, Rinaldo crosschecks Milan Lucic and Milan Lucic punches him right in the face. Heh.


Maybe we shouldn't be scared. Maybe we should. It seems that the Flyers have us right where they want us.