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Bruins take second game in Philly in overtime thriller

Paul Bereswill/Getty Images

Well, last game was fantastic. The Bruins came in, scored a billion goals on the many-headed flyers goaltending beast, and generally ran the show. Game 2? We'll see....

CBC Montage

There wasn't one. Best I can figure, the CBC wasn't showing because Osama Bin Laden had gotten killed earlier that day.


First Period

One of the wilder first periods you'll see.

The Flyers got off to a two-goal lead early. Like, really early.  Within the first minute, Tim Thomas had let in a goal AND taken a delay-of-game penalty. Not a great start. The Flyers scored on a powerplay off a Gregory Campbell holding call and then Tim Thomas shut everything down. This may have been where we all realized that Tim Thomas sorta had this thing where if he let in a goal really early, he'd probably be a brick wall for the rest of the game.

On the other side of the ice, Brian Boucher stood up to the Bruins mediocre attack for the most part.

Well, until Chris Kelly scored on him while Andrej Meszaros was busy pushing Michael Ryder into him.

And until, shortly thereafter, Brad Marchand pots his 4th goal of his rookie postseason campaign.

Then, Adam McQuaid goes flying into where Mike Richards used to be, and it's an ugly hit. Adam McQuaid is obviously hurt, and play goes on. Poor guy. He ends up getting dragged off by his teammates, and doesn't return to the game.

Second period

Johnny Boychuk takes Brian Boucher out of the game by shooting a slapshot so hard that Boucher hurts his hand on it. His hand, in his glove. Johnny Boychuk is too powerful, I guess.

Third Period - not much happens. Aside from saves.


David Krejci buries the heck out of a goal. It's so powerful that it bounces back out and the ref doesn't call it a goal at first. The Bruins bench is all set and ready to jump off the bench and celebrate, but the ref didn't call it a goal so they can't.

After review, the goal is good. Bruins win, 3-2.


Bless you, David Krejci. Bruins take 2 games in Philadelphia on the strength of Tim Thomas goaltending and some goals from the offence. Mostly Thomas, though.