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Brittany Ott doesn't have blue pads anymore

They are now team-colored and they look GREAT!

Mike Murphy

Yes, it's true. Earlier today, she posted to twitter this picture of her brand new Vaugn pads, which match her team colors:

Ott famously used to wear blue pads, a holdover from her time as a Maine Black Bear. They are some really slick-looking pads from Vaughn. Really dig the blockiness of it. It's a good thing these look so good, because I would otherwise have a hard time letting go of seeing the blue pads and knowing Ott was doing work.


Ott wasn't the only goalie with new pads! Kelsie Fralick (of Connecticut College fame, Go Camels!) also posted a pic of new gear:

Vaughn again with the great-looking pads. Different style than Ott's, which is good for a lot of things.