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Hilary Knight to captain NWHL All-Star team January 24th in Buffalo

The NWHL just released the specifics of their first all-star game, which will take place at the home of the Buffalo Beauts. National icon/Boston Pride co-Captain Hilary Knight will captain one team of 14, and local player/Buffalo Beaut Captain Emily Pfalzer will captain the other.

Each captain will pick 11 players on their team, and social media will determine the last 2 players.

Saturday, January 23rd will be an evening "Skate with the Stars" event, where 80 people will be able to take place in a free skate with the best Women's hockey players on the planet for a free skate. If you're planning on being one of those 80, congratulations and don't forget to bring your own skates.

Sunday, January 24th, the two teams of 14 will compete in a skills competition and game. The game will be shorter than normal: 2 20-minute halfs. The winning team will get 20% of ticket sales, so that's a nice incentive. The skills competition currently includes the classics of shooting accuracy and fastest skater, as well as a trick shot competition and and agility obstacle course event.

To be honest, it sounds like a heck of a fun way to spend a Sunday in January in Buffalo, or anywhere. Tickets go on sale at 12:00 AM on black Friday (November 27th) on's ticket page. We'll keep you posted about any updates.

And as a quick reminder, you can see National icon/Boston Pride co-Captain Hilary Knight this Sunday at the Boston Pride home opener either in person at the Bright Hockey Arena at Harvard, or on TV on NESN. That game is at 3pm.