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Hilary Knight Named NWHL Player of the Week

Knight is the fourth member of the Boston Pride to be named Player of the Week this season.


After scoring the game-winning and only goal of Sunday's game, Hilary Knight has earned the NWHL's Player of the Week honors. She joins Zoe Hickel, Brianna Decker, and Jillian Dempsey on the list of Pride players to receive the honor.

At 9:52 in the second period against Buffalo, Knight finally broke the 0-0 tie and got one past Brianne McLaughlin, who stopped 42 of 43 shots. Drawing McLaughlin out of her net, Knight took her own rebound and went behind the goalie to sneak the puck around the post.

Knight leads the league in goals with eight, and none have been more important thus far than this one. Brittany Ott was also incredibly deserving of the honor, perhaps even more so. We're nine weeks into the season, and only one goalie (Nana Fujimoto) has been named Player of the Week, and she did not earn the league's first-ever shutout like Ott did this weekend. No defensemen have received the honor. Obviously, goals win games and they're the more exciting highlights, but if it weren't for the brilliant performances by both Ott and the defense in front of her, Knight's lone goal may not have been sufficient.

You can watch and rewatch Knight's goal at 1:55, but I encourage you to watch all the highlights to get a glimpse of the outstanding hockey played on all fronts by both teams on Sunday.