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Boston Pride and other NWHL Jerseys announced

The NWHL have announced the winners of their jersey fan vote, and hoo boy howdy, it looks like a lot of them were correctly voted on. The one we care most about, the Boston Pride, didn't end up with the one I wanted. Ah well, it still looks pretty classically Boston Hockey:

Boston Pride Jerseys

Looks pretty good. But the one that I'm most excited about is the one that the Connecticut Whale will be wearing next season. Let's take a look at those fresh threads:

Connecticut Whale Jerseys

It's like the Islanders Fisherman jerseys and the Whalers jerseys had a baby, and I sort of love it. I look forward to seeing it in person on 11/29 at 3pm when the Whale visit the Pride. It'll be their second home game, and I'm pretty psyched. Don't worry, I checked - The Bruins don't have a game that day and the Patriots don't play until that night.

Which one is your favorite?