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Hilary Knight signs with Boston Pride, ends #KnightWatch officially

Harry How/Getty Images

Hilary Knight, as expected weeks ago, has signed on with her former Blades teammates on The Boston Pride. She's the 11th Clarkson Cup champion to join the Boston Pride, which is pretty wild. She had an exclusive interview with Puck Daddy earlier today, in which she had this to say about The Boston Pride:

I’m going to go on record saying we’ve got a really good chance of bringing home the championship.

Looks like she hasn't forgotten what being a Boston athlete is all about. She is also pretty cognizant about what all of these players leaving the Blades could mean, and the issues with two women's leagues:

I’m hoping they can co-exist, but at the same time expansion to the midwest is going to be huge as some point, for either league.

It's an interesting interview, check it out on the site. Be sure to check back here for more Pride and Blades coverage!