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How much can NWHL players really make off of jersey sales?

We do the math so you don't have to.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

With the NWHL releasing salary info earlier today, I was curious about how much players will likely make off of the 15% of jersey sales going to players. I did a little back-of-envelop math, and here's the breakdown. At $119.00 per jersey, 15% works out to about 17.85 per sale.

Here's a quick breakdown on how, Pride defender Marissa Gedman can supplement the $10,000 she's making playing hockey this season:

To earn Sell this many jerseys
$17.85 1
$100.00 6
$200.00 11
$300.00 17
$400.00 22
$500.00 28
$750.00 42
$1,000.00 56
$1,785.00 100

Nobody's playing in the NWHL this year to get rich, so I'll go ahead and say this is pretty neat. It certainly rewards players for advertising jersey sales for the league. I know I'm getting one. Gotta have something to wear to the season opener on November 22nd, after all!