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Denna Laing: "here we go"

Denna Laing has posted a statement to facebook. Here's the full text:

For a long time I have been looking for a new challenge. Even though I was not expecting it be this, here we go. Lets start from the beginning, the best day of my life. I woke up on a beautiful 31st of December and got my dunks because ‪#‎required‬. I drove to the rink and walked in with the pack, my pod, and my gold pumps. When we got in there, there were individual name plates and merchandise from the NHL. All I could think about was it was like Christmas. We immediately all had to try everything on. Here are some of the candids of the gals. Then had to sit around for about an hour and then try getting on and off the bus with our skates! We got a police escort and we thought we could find TB12 because we pulled up right into the player tunnels. We got out into some small locker rooms. Bobby gave us his pre game speech and we walked on and saw the field for the first time. I had debated back and forth whether or not to bring my phone and man am I glad I brought it. It was the most beautiful hockey rink I've ever seen. After those first few minutes of skating around tragedy struck. You know the rest.... but I dont want you to feel bad for me. This is a moment to remember for Women's Hockey. We made history that day and I would never take those moments back.

Thank you for the moments.
XO Denna

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