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Highlights of the NWHL AMA featuring Hilary Knight and Emily Pfalzer

Highlights from the AMA on Reddit to support the NWHL all-star game this weekend

Hilary Knight and Emily Pfalzer in game action
Hilary Knight and Emily Pfalzer in game action
Meg Linehan

Hilary Knight and Emily Pfalzer, the NWHL All-Star game captains this weekend in Buffalo, did an AMA on reddit yesterday to pump awareness of the game. Here are some highlights of what they said:

What was the closest either of you two have ever come to putting your skates on the shelf?

Emily Pfalzer: "I don't think I ever have."

Hilary Knight: "I thought I was going to retire after 2014. My heart was broken after the devastating gold medal loss."

What are your thoughts on how the Womens Winter Classic went?

Hilary Knight: "It's nice to have gotten a foot in the door for a women's Winter Classic game, and obviously whenever your team is playing you want to play alongside them. Our commitment to the national team took priority during that time. I'm looking forward to a women's Winter Classic game that has three full periods, with a standard warm-up, and is on TV so everyone can share in experience."

My 16 year old sister plays on a competitive soccer team but it's contemplating quitting because of the way the coach and other players treat her. Can you give her any advice on how to stay strong in her beliefs in her own talents while being talked down from every one around her?

Emily Pfalzer: People are going to have their opinions, but there's a quote I like to think about that ends with "there's a little girl who looks up to you, play for her". And that's what it's all about. Stay strong.

Where do you see the NWHL expanding to in the near future? Alternatively, where would you personally like to see new NWHL teams?

Emily Pfalzer: Out in Minnesota, because there could be so many teams there alone. Or someplace warm.

Hilary Knight: Put one out in Idaho!

Who are your picks for the Cup this year?

Hilary Knight: The Boston Pride!

Emily Pfalzer: The Beauts! We're making a comeback!

Who's the most difficult goalie you've ever tried to score on?

Hilary Knight: There's no good goalies, only bad shots. Just kidding :)

Who is the biggest prankster in the NWHL?

Hilary Knight: I would say the local car wash in Boston is the biggest prankster. Someone put a magnetic bumper sticker on Ott's car and she thinks it came from the car wash near the rink. It's a really aggressive bumper sticker, and she drove around with it all day.

They also go into important things like preferences for wings and hot dogs, check it out. The NWHL All-Star Game and Skills Competition will be this Sunday at 2pm and I will be there to cover it for y'all! Be sure to check in during commercials of the AFC Championship game.