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Two NWHL suspensions, two warnings under new "three strikes" rule announced

Micaela Long and Elena Orlando suspended, Morgan Fritz-Ward and Bray Ketchum warned

The NWHL has announced a new rule and two suspensions coming out of the short brawl in last weekend's Riveters/Beauts game. Here's the info:

New "Three Strikes" Rule

There's now a rule where players can be given "strikes" but not suspended for offenses that are bad but not suspension-worthy in themselves. Per the release:

The Player Safety Committee has decided to create a warning system, wherein players who perform illegal actions can be given a ‘warning strike’ or multiple strikes when their actions are not considered suspendible. When a player has received three strikes, they will be called to a player safety hearing and may face supplemental discipline.

Morgan Fritz-Ward and Bray Ketchum were both issued warnings under this new rule for their part in the brawl in the Whale/Riveters game on the third.

Micaela Long Suspension

Micaela Long came in a while after the referee's whistle and laid a hard hit. You can't do that. She will sit for one game.

Elena Orlando Suspension

Elena Orlando left the bench to join in the fracas that occurred after the suspension above. Again, you can't do that. She will sit for one game.

Both suspended players will miss this weekend's Riveters/Whale game in New Haven in support of the Mandi Shwartz Foundation: