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Slebodnick re-signs with the Pride, Maschmeyer out

The Boston Pride brought back their backup net minder from last season, meaning 2015 second round pick Emergence Maschmeyer will not be joining the team.

The Boston Pride have filled their back up goalie spot. This season the league eliminated a roster spot for the third string goalie, and a little over a month and a half ago the Pride resigned All-Star goalie Brittany Ott. As a result there is no roster spot for the Pride’s second round draft pick Emerence Maschmeyer.

Slebodinick signed a one-year league minimum contract fro $10,000. This is a pay cut from her $12,500 salary last year, part of which was used to give the starter Ott a raise.

Last season she only played four games earning a record of 1-2 with a save percentage of .883 and a GAA of 2.25. According to Pride GM Haley Moore Slebodnick was suffering from injury last season and looks to rebound this year.

There is currently just under two weeks left in free agency and the Boston Pride only have three forwards, two defensemen and both their goalies. So expect to hear a number of signings from the Pride before the July 31st deadline, all of which will be covered here.