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Top 25 Under 25: #17 - Matt Lindblad

Give me an M. Give me an A. Give me a T. Now give me another one because we're spelling Matt, and it has two t's.

Bruce Bennett
Changes From 2013 M. Leonard Cornelius Nolan Dan Giesse Sean Sarah Kristian Servo
+7 19 19 16 19 18 10 n/a 24 25

Lindblad was a solid scorer during his three year stint with Dartmouth in the NCAA, notching 80 points in 89 games. In 67 games (regular season and playoffs) with Providence this past Fall/Winter/Spring, Lindblad tallied 11 goals and 20 assists - an average of .46 points per game. It'd be nice to reference possession metrics from Lindblad's 2 games in the NHL in this opening paragraph, but as you probably know by now, that website is owned by the Maple Leafs. Ugh. Here's a GIF of Lindblad scoring, instead.

As far as projecting Lindblad's professional role, there isn't much to indicate he'll ever hold more than a bottom-six role. Which, isn't a bad thing in Lindblad's case. Whereas some prospects can score and do nothing else, thus making themselves "liabilities" in the NHL, Lindblad's mix of speed, occasional offensive contributions and defensive responsibility make him a depth player most organizations would love to possess.

Perhaps he needs another year of seasoning on the farm before he becomes the illustrious thirteenth forward, or maybe he'll take that role coming out of camp. After all, there's some financial issues in Beantown and there, I have to imagine, is going to be at least one major roster move before camp breaks.

At present, Lindblad isn't backed up too far on the depth chart. Justin FlorekJordan Caron and Craig Cunninghamslate above Lindblad as far as bottom six fillers are concerned, but with Caron's roster spot still somewhat of a mystery and Lindblad's ability to play as both a wing and center, there's no reason the 24-year-old from Evanston, Illinois shouldn't be 1-2 with Florek for that role.

I should have ranked Lindblad higher than 16 when I voted, but for some reason I'm obsessed with Boston's depth on defense and in net. I don't know why, but I envision the majority of their defensemen as Top 6 worthy players and the goaltenders as all NHL-bound. In truth, Lindblad will probably contribute more than the Zach Trotman's of the world when it's all said and done, so this low-ranking is partially on me. And the rest is on Sarah. How you ain't even rank ma boy Matt? C'mon now.

*(am I going to get fired for calling out Sarah? God I hope not.)