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Draft Profiles 2018

Profiles for the 2018 NHL Entry Draft made by Stanley Cup of Chowder

SCoC Draft Profiles: Liam Kirk; the UK’s next big NHL superstar?

A late-round to be sure, but there’s an intriguing amount of promise in a player like him.

SCoC Draft Profiles: Allan McShane is a tireless two-way center

McShane has been a productive point-getter for the Oshawa Generals. Should the Bruins take a flyer on this center?

SCoC Draft Profiles: Jesse Ylönen is a fast winger with plenty of skill

This fleet-footed finn aims to make the NHL soon. Should Boston be his headstart?

SCoC Draft Profiles: Jack McBain took a risk and wants to pay it off

A huge kid with collegiate aspirations, solid scoring, and powerful eyebrows. Should Boston draft him on the way into town?

SCoC Draft Profiles: Filip Hållander is a fiesty, competitive forward

Not even injury could slow this kid down. Should the Bruins take notice?

SCoC Draft Profiles: Could Olivier Rodrigue fall to Boston?

We’ve taken a look at the best european goalie, now let’s take a look at the best north american.

SCoC Draft Profiles: Jett Woo is a sensible RHD

A pair of productive seasons in Moose Jaw have this intriguing young lad hoping for bigger things. Maybe the Bruins can be the team for him?

SCoC Draft Profiles: Ivan Muranov is an enormous winger with production to match

A boy this size and with production this good is one to watch.

SCoC Draft Profiles: Nando Eggenberger is a solid middle-round pick

And of the best names in this draft.

SCoC Draft Profiles: Bernard-Docker is a quality RHD going to the next level

The standout junior-A defender moves to the NCAA next year. Should Boston be his next step after North Dakota?

SCoC Draft Profiles: Jakub Skarek is a great goalie with a weird quirk

Good at home, shaky abroad, but consistent enough to warrant a looksee.

SCoC Draft Profiles: Kirill Marchenko is a crazy-skilled winger

This young russian is possibly looking to break into the NHL with flash and skill. Should Boston be his ticket?

SCoC Draft Profiles: Sean Durzi is a defender on a mission

A unique ankle problem cost him a shot at being drafted last year. He’s out to fix that.

SCoC Draft Profiles: Nils Lundkvist is a RHD on the rise

With time, he’s possibly projected to be better than some first rounders? Let’s sell you on why that’s possible

SCoC Draft Profiles: Kevin Mandolese is a huge goalie from a defense-free team

Don’t let the lack of defense in front of him fool you; Mandolese is a very promising player.

SCoC Draft Profiles: Could Lukas Dostal fall to Boston?

The best european goalie in the draft could possibly drop to Boston. Should they take him if he’s available?

SCoC Draft Profiles: Giovanni Vallati is a quietly productive defender with plenty of room to grow

A good Italian-Canadian boy, what else do you need?

SCoC Draft Profiles: Blade Jenkins is a great name with possibly greater upside

Even in a draft of great names, Blade Jenkins is a special one.

Some early things to remember about the 2018 NHL Draft for Boston

With the Draft around the corner, but no first rounder to speak of, fans are gonna need to think about this draft differently.