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Draft Profiles 2019

Profiles for the 2019 NHL Entry Draft made by Stanley Cup of Chowder

Bruins select Quinn Olson 92nd overall

An Okotoks man joins the Black and Gold!

Draft Profiles: No pick would be safer than Matthew Robertson

A big guy with a very B+ game to start with. Hard to argue with that.

Tobias Björnfot is a fast, hard-working two-way defender with built-in leadership

Sweden’s U18 squad captain looks to be a great 2-way defender for anybody who picks him up.

Pavel Dorofeyev’s near-complete game only needs minor tweaks...and also some time abroad if the B’s want him.

This russian winger only needs to tweak a couple parts of his game to be a dynamic player.

Draft Profiles: Center/Winger Albin Grewe is...a t-rex?

Gotta hand it to his coach. That’s a hell of a quote.

John Beecher is the perfect mix of speed and size, but how much upside could he really have?

Speed...Size...Fools will tell you that you can only have one or the other. John Beecher disagrees.

Philip Tomasino is looking like the diamond in the rough of 2019

The Mississauga product’s poise, play, and possible wild success at the NHL level will have people wondering how on earth he’d ever drop this far with the game he has.

Arthur Kaliyev is either the scoring winger of your dreams, or your nightmares.

One of the leaders in 5on5 point production in the OHL this year as a 17 year old has plenty of tools to be a beloved household name...and also the bane of just as many people.

Draft Profiles: Nils Höglander is the fiestiest little swede around

With the size of a Mini Coop but the engine of a Ferrari, Hoglander’s had Boston’s attention for awhile now.