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Draft Profiles 2020

Profiles of prospects eligible for the 2020 NHL entry draft!

The NHL Draft is next week. Who should the Bruins be looking at?

No pick in the first round again, but that’s no reason not to find talent!

Draft Profiles 2k20: Joel Blomqvist is a dependable, athletic goalie

Finland’s got another star prospect goalie. Let’s talk about him!

Draft Profiles: Helge Grans is a smooth skating D-Man...with caveats

Malmo’s point getting blueliner controls the game with ease...most of the time.

Draft Profiles: Alex Cotton is an overaged dman that came out swinging

Being a re-entry appears to have given this young man the strength to go off in 2019!

Draft Profiles: Eamon Powell is one of the fastest (& smartest) players on the blueline

A fast defender, you say? Tell me more!

Draft Profiles 2k20: Thimo Nickl is a 2-way defender with a cannon shot

A big german d-man paid dividends in the past, so why not a big Austrian guy?

Draft Profiles 2k20: Nico Daws is a huge goalie with lots of promise

Meet Nico, the OHL’s premiere goaltender in 2019.

Draft Profiles 2k20: Zayde Wisdom has the action movie name with action movie work ethic

Kingston’s coolest name in hockey has overcome the odds to possibly become an NHLer. Could he be the next Bruin everyone talks about?

Draft Profiles 2k20: Dylan Peterson has Size and speed, but is that it?

Is being big and fast enough to get picked for the black and gold?

Draft Profiles 2k20: Theodor Niederbach is high risk, high reward

Niederbach’s assist-getting is unquestionably pro-level. His playmaking skill is next to game-breaking...but a crippling injury has raised doubt on whether or not he can handle it.

Daniel Torgersson is a huge swede with a strong finishing touch

Sometimes you have to worry about dudes from europe having the right frame. Torgersson isn’t one of them.

Draft Profiles: Roni Hirvonen’s Hockey-IQ could make him a steal

A finn with some flash and some formidable foresight!

Draft Profiles 2k20: Zion Nybeck plays far above his weight class

Being small hasn’t scared Zion Nybeck from being a fiesty little goalscorer.

Draft Profile 2k20: Martin Chromiak bet on himself, and has made a late showcase of his real talent

A Slovakian wunderkind has the potential of a fun NHLer if he continues his wild career path. Should Boston bring him in?

Draft Profiles 2k20: Ozzy Wiesblatt is smart, fast, & a pain in the ***

Prince Albert’s premiere winger could be an attractive option if he’s still left on the board by the time Boston gets to pick. Could he be the diamond in the rough?