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Draft Profiles 2021

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2021 NHL Entry Draft Complete Coverage

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Draft Profiles 2k21: Meet Shai Buium, an enormous californian defender with plenty of interesting upside.

Not every player can be surefire, but some can be very interesting projects. Kinda like Shai Buium!

Full Bruins mock draft: Restocking the system in 2021

Dan does us all a favor and drafts for the Bruins this season.

Draft Profiles: Zach Bolduc has lots of promise & also question marks

With such wild swings in how people see Zach Bolduc, will the real Zach Bolduc please stand up?

Draft Profiles: L’Heureux will either rise or fall on his aggression

A passionate player to be sure, but can he temper it to go to the big leagues?

Draft Profiles: Have a heart for Ben Gaudreau, who got screwed by 2020

For most prospects, 2020 was hard. For Ben Gaudreau, it screwed up his entire draft year.

Draft Profiles 2k21: Corson Ceulemans has lots of upside, with a catch.

Yes, yes, very let’s see why scouts seem to enjoy him.

Draft Profiles 2k21: Xavier Bourgault is an aggressive playmaker with a nose for the net

The QMJHL was unusual in that they actually ran this year, and this young man chose to use that as an opportunity to go wild.

Draft Profiles 2k21: Scott Morrow has the size to get scouts salivating, but is that enough?

A big young man that has gotten the attention

Draft Profiles 2k21: Could Chaz Lucius become a Boston Bruin?

Yet another very good name, but a player maybe out of reach...or maybe not?

Draft Profiles 2k21: Meet Mackie Samoskevich, an all-american speedster

[Insert Return of the Mack joke here]

How to properly “read” a European draft prospect’s progress

Sometimes the way players do in europe can be confusing. It doesn’t have to be anymore!

Draft Profiles: Samu Tuomaala is a prolific winger, with some caveats.

Tuomalaa has some of the best offensive skills in this draft, but is he capable of making the most of them for an NHL Team?

Draft Profiles 2k21: Meet the Czech wunderkind Stanislav Svozil

For years the Czech Republic has been waiting for a player who could help boost their presence on their international bluelines. They have their man in Svozil.

Draft Profiles: Svechkov is a defensive genius, but does he have more?

Russia’s premiere defensive prospect comes from Togliatti. Does he have more in his tank to give other than backchecking?

Draft Profiles Double feature!: McTavish and Othmann, the Olten Boys

Two players from entirely different teams ended up playing for one team in the middle of Switzerland. Life’s funny, ain’t it?

Draft Profiles 2k21: Logan Stankoven plays like the biggest little guy ever

Some undersized players get a bad rep because of their size. Logan Stankoven aims to break that down hard.

Predicting the USHL prospect the Bruins will draft next month

More Amurricans! More College boys! MOAR BIG!

Draft Profiles 2k21: Carson Lambos is a roaring fast blueliner

Man, Defensemen are fast these days

Draft Profiles 2k21: The Curious Case of Aatu Räty

Let’s begin our look at the draft’s many prospects with one of the most unusual cases of all.

The 20th overall pick is Boston’s. Who do the experts like?

A Preview of Prospect Prognostication prolonged due to pandemics


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