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One new Bruin ultimately pursued a career in hockey over lacrosse

Mapping the Bruins return to 5 on 5 greatness

The Bruins 5v5 play as of late should remind B’s fans of something...

The top 20 defensemen in the NHL right now. For real.

The NHL network published a bad list of the top 20 defensemen. Here's a better one.

Wilful Ignorance: On Pfeffer & Fancystats Denial

The Matt Pfeffer affair in Montreal marks a new shift in the continuing conflict between hockey analytics and traditional NHL evaluation techniques - with some teams now displaying almost wilful disdain for them

My Kingdom for a Defenseman, part 10: The UFA thrift store offers Wisniewski, Jackman, Weber, and Nakadal

We're gonna pop some contracts, Only got 8.5 million in cap space, I - I - I'm hunting, looking for a top 4, This guy's stats are awesome,

My Kingdom for a Defenseman, part 9: Patrick Weircioch could be the kind of steal the Bruins need

Is Patrick Weircoch good? Eh. Eh? Meh. Maybe? Yeah... Yeah, sure.

My Kingdom for a- Oh darnit War On Ice is down

War-On-Ice went down a few weeks ago, and with it went a large number of stats I like.

NHL Free Agency: Nowhere To Hide

The rise in advanced stats means that it's easier than ever for fans to scrutinise and evaluate contract value - and that is a very good thing indeed, whether NHL GMs like it or not.

Featured Fanshot

Cam Fowler vs. Kevin Shattenkirk HERO charts: who's better?

My Kingdom for a Defenseman, part 8: Sign Campbell. No, wait, the good one.

Think of a defenseman. Brian Campbell is probably better than them.

My Kingdom for a Defenseman, Part 7: What to do with a loose Goose

The curious case of Alex Goligoski

My Kingdom for a Defenseman, Part 6: Too much to Yandle

Fire a taser at a merry-go-round, shock the whirled.

My Kingdom for a Defenseman, Part 5: Russel, Polak, Quincey, and Schenn are all Grossman

Welcome to the trash barrel. Do not pick up anything in here.

My Kingdom for a Defenseman, Part 4: Hamhuis

Dan Hamhuis: The "I brought my guitar to a party and now I'm going to play 'Wonderwall', and only 'Wonderwall', for the next 4 hours" of defensemen.

My kingdom for a defenseman, part 3: Bringing back John-Micheal Liles


Controlled Zone Entries are the Key to Success

Breaking down how the Bruins use neutral zone transitions to generate scoring chances

My kingdom for a defenseman, part 2: Schlemko and Lovejoy could be cheap deals for the Bruins

You might already know Schlemko is secretly good, but did you know Lovejoy may secretly be better?

FOUND: Bruins Offense

After shooting woes of last year, some were worried that the Bruins would struggle to score goals, That was not the case, as they finished top five in the league in scoring

Bruins defense was worse than the Leafs and Oilers

The Bruins defense was bad this year, but not THAT bad... Right?

Trade Deadline: Sweenius moves create a contender


Source suggests Loui Eriksson to St. Louis Blues for 1st + Dmitrij Jaskin

Will Bruins fans be feeling the Blues? Sources say yes

The Missing Piece

Erik Karlsson is the latest NHL franchise star to be criticised for his team's woes. Which is ironic, because he (or someone like him) would be Boston's dream pickup

Is Zdeno Chara getting old?

Father Time always wins, part 1

The Habs are still nothing more than Carey Price, by the way.

At least they now have John Scott.

The Undeniable Importance of David Krejci

The injury to the Czech center could spell despair for an already reeling Bruins team

The Bruins defense is more than the sum of it's part, and it's all thanks to Claude Julien

Don't give him a pink slip, give him a Jack Adams.

Brad Marchand Had More Shots Than You

Marchand almost equaled Zac Rinaldo's season shot total in one contest

Chill out: Colin Miller must return to the lineup

Cool Hockey player has Chiller early season. Get him back in there.

Mark Fayne, possible Justoneguy, is on waivers.

The Oilers are just teasing us.

Bottom Six Blunders: NHL GMs Can't Evaluate Bottom Six Talent

GMs seem to constantly misjudge this one certain kind of player.

Should the Bruins claim Alexander Semin off of waivers?

Is his bottom six cap hit worth it?

How Matt Beleskey's Hit Changed Everything

Besides, you know, injuring one of the Rangers' best players...


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