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Frank Vatrano scores to win it in OT

Bruins pull out a win that all of the #FancyStats said was...unlikely.

Keep rolling, rolling, rolling those lines: Part 1

Is Claude Julien just a stubborn old man that won't adapt and will never play the kids? Well no, at least according to the numbers.

Do the Bruins use zone finish data to analyze players?

NHL teams have all sorts of proprietary methods for statistically analyzing players. Are zone finish stats ones that the Bruins use?

Patrice Bergeron, you da real MVP

Are Hart winners really the most valuable players in the NHL?

Will Matt Beleskey outscore Milan Lucic next year?

Deeper dives into the numbers reveal that Beleskey has a lot more going for him than one high shooting percentage season.

Do the Bruins have the best 2nd line in the NHL?

They might, but they might also have the worst first line in the NHL. Lets look at how the Bruins stack up in a few different ways!

Tweet Brunch: GM Sweens' Notable Responses

You asked GM Sweens. He responded. Some of the most notable tweets summed up in one neat post.

The results are in - The refs screwed you over

Now that everyone has played 82 games, a look at how the refs called them, and how teams capitalized on them.

How bad is it?

Looking at the rest of the season

Carl is so the new Reilly

How Soderberg Mirrors Smith's Struggles from Last Year

Featured Fanshot

Boston/Chicago matchups visualized

Complimenting the numerous stat sites currently populating the web are new ways to package and present the data. Check out the head-to-head matchups from yesterday's game courtesy of datarink, which offers aesthetically pleasing charts like this. Check them out at @datarink on Twitter.

Featured Fanshot

NHL Stats site is LIVE

They renamed everything. Thoughts?

The defense is a mess, quantified

Bruins Usage Adjusted Corsi and Points by lines

A graphical comparison of Bartkowski and Kassian

by @MimicoHero

How effective is "Bruins Hockey" at winning cups?

Number dump!

Who's Who? Results of choosing players by numbers

The results of choosing players without bias, only looking at their numbers

Under The Microscope

The Bruins just need a little luck.

Number Dump: 500 Games of Milan Lucic

Number Dump: How Many AHL games is too many?

And other questions answered.

The Sky Has Fallen: PANIC!!!

Claude Julien Has Thoughts On Stats

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Promoted Fanpost: Defensive TOI and Pairings

Why Patrice Bergeron deserves the Selke Trophy

Bruins vs. Red Wings Game 1: Stats Breakdown

Assume the fetal position

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GIF: Title and Wild Card Races, Animated

Tribute: Zorak's NHL Standings And Magic Numbers

It was a great damn page and it's not around anymore. Until now!

On Marchand, and Your Weekly Stats Dosage

The Bruins stole last night's game from a strong San Jose team in Marchand's return to the top six. How are Brad and the B's doing overall? Read on!

Bruins vs. Hurricanes: A PDO comparison

Earlier today in the preview we noted that Carolina's PDO is pretty fucking awful. How do the Bruins compare?

The Bruins and Everyone Else at the Deadline

It's no secret we love the Bruins' deadline moves, but what about everyone else?

The Numbers Game: Is Tuukka Rask "Clutch"?

A bad goal here and there and a couple blown leads, suddenly the Boston Bruins fan base is questioning one of the best goalies in the league. Are they justified? Is Tuukka coming through when it matters most? The Numbers Game investigates.

The Numbers Game: Soderberg Stats Lies & Videotape

Just how good will Soderberg be for the Bruins? The Numbers Game finds out.

The Numbers Game: Merlot's Gone Sour

According to stats, it's time to break up the band on the 4th line and begin saying goodbye to Shawn Thronton