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Articles that include graphics with info!

Will the Bruins beat the Metropolitan Division this year?

Let's now look into the other half of the eastern conference as we consult the THREAT INDEX

My Kingdom for a Defenseman, Part 4: Hamhuis

Dan Hamhuis: The "I brought my guitar to a party and now I'm going to play 'Wonderwall', and only 'Wonderwall', for the next 4 hours" of defensemen.

My kingdom for a defenseman, part 3: Bringing back John-Micheal Liles


Bruins defense was worse than the Leafs and Oilers

The Bruins defense was bad this year, but not THAT bad... Right?

Bottom Six Blunders: NHL GMs Can't Evaluate Bottom Six Talent

GMs seem to constantly misjudge this one certain kind of player.

Keep rolling, rolling, rolling those lines: Part 1

Is Claude Julien just a stubborn old man that won't adapt and will never play the kids? Well no, at least according to the numbers.

Do the Bruins use zone finish data to analyze players?

NHL teams have all sorts of proprietary methods for statistically analyzing players. Are zone finish stats ones that the Bruins use?

Patrice Bergeron, you da real MVP

Are Hart winners really the most valuable players in the NHL?

The defense is a mess, quantified

Bruins Usage Adjusted Corsi and Points by lines

Graphic: A look at how far the Bruins will travel

It's easy to forget that professional athletes do a lot of traveling. This graphic puts into perspective just how far the Bruins will go.

Bruins vs. Canadiens Round 2: The Infographic

INFOGRAPHIC: The Bruins-Red Wings matchup

Two days to go. Let's visualize.

Graphic: The Bruins' dominant run through March

The Bruins went 15-1-1 in March. Here's a graphical look at some of the stats and storylines from last month.

Things you could've done during the B's run

The Bruins have won 12 games in a row, but their streak of not trailing ended during the Phoenix game at a whopping 410 minutes of hockey. Turns out you could do a lot of stuff during 410 minutes.

A graphical look at the Bruins' winning streak

We want 10! We...we got 10! Now that the Bruins' winning streak has reach ten games, here's a look at some of the highlights in graphic form.

Patrice Bergeron: a timeline of perfection

This spring will mark the ten year anniversary of Patrice Bergeron's first full season with the Boston Bruins. What better way to take a look back than with a timeline, a visual representation of Bergeron's Bruins career?

Patrice Bergeron's success with Team Canada

Everyone knows Patrice Bergeron is the best. But it seems like nearly every time he puts on a Team Canada uniform, he ends up with a gold medal around his neck when all is said and done.

Rearview Mirror: 23 wins in 26 games

This edition of "Rearview Mirror" takes a look back at the Bruins' epic run through November and December of 2008. Over the course of those two months, the B's laid waste to the NHL, winning 23 of 26 games.

Infographic: Last time the Bruins & Leafs made it

Let's take a little look at what was going on in the universe last time the Maple Leafs made the playoffs, compared to the last time the Bruins made it.