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Morning Skate, A Little Late

Happy New Year's Eve!

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

As 2014 comes to a close, the Bruins are leaving us with some questions... questions like:

  • Will our defense learn to defend, and our offense learn to offend?  (Looch and Marshy certainly have "offending" down pat, I must admit)
  • Will Peter Chiarelli trade for another Swedish Carl to play alongside Carl Soderberg and Carl Loui Eriksson, so that we can have the "Carl Cubed" or "Swedish Fish" line?
  • Will the Bruins make a move for Lord Stanley, or for Jack Eichel?
  • Will Carl and Carl Loui help me put together the TV stand I just bought at IKEA?
  • Will the Bruins continue to play hockey like they did on Monday night, or like they have for the last couple of months?
  • Does this team know that the two points they're playing for tonight are pretty damn important?
  • Will we acquire Czech legend Jaromir Jagr, so that Crazy 8s will get to play with his hero, The Matrix, who will get to play with his hero, The Mulleted Masterpiece?
  • Who put the "ram" in "ram-a-lam-a ding dong"?
  • When David Pastrnak returns from the World Juniors, will he see time on the top line with David Krejci and Milan Lucic?
  • Where is Cornelius? I presume he is somewhere in Montreal, laying in a pile of poutine. If that's the case, I'm jealous.