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Friday Morning Skate: Day 2 of 365

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Am I the only one here? Happy New Year!

"I have no shame."
"I have no shame."
Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

I missed the Bruins' New Year's Eve Spectacular. Heard the effort was "meh". Maybe a new leaf will be turned over on Saturday, although I wish they had turned over some Leafs on Wednesday, heh heh.

How was the game? How did they look? How would you realistically* improve this team?

* Realistic is a relative term. What is realistic to other GMs may not be -- and likely isn't -- to Peter Chiarelli, so let's use our own versions of realistic to make things a little easier and more fun than "let's just call up Jordan Caron".

You know my answer:  Jaromir Mothereffin' Jagr. Boston enigma. Win, win.